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The Apocalypse - Rayburn by pauinhopc The Apocalypse - Rayburn by pauinhopc
Hi everyone.
I tried my very best, and kinda failed almost miserably with this picture. I will explain why after the why i made it explanation.

************ READ THIS NEXT LINE PLEASE **************

If any of you have the time to read the text bellow, please write in the comments: How do you think you would react upon such situation? Think about it for a moment: How would you react seeing people killing others just like that? And how would you react seeing your beloved ones dying in front of you, and having to kill to stay alive?


You see, i hear everybody talk about how *cool* it would be to have a zombie apocalypse or something like that, and how they all would remain cool and calm, how they all have plans on how to survive it, and how cold blooded they would be killing other people, walking with a smile after.

But the real thing is: is any of us really ready for such thing?

Can you imagine yourself */killing/* someone, and walk away like you just stepped on a dead tree leaf?

I mean, can you bare the idea of losing EVERYTHING just like that? I don't mean just people you know, i'm talking about every single thing: friends, family, your beloved home, your home town, even your own world?

Can you imagine just how twisted it would made a normal person, having to kill other people on a daily basis just to survive? Having to stay on watch every second of the rest of his life, with the weight of all the dead he / she had to put to rest?

And how would a person be able to stay strong trough all this? Wearing a fake tough guy mask isn't enough to preserve our selfs. I believe that, anyone put through such a terrifying experience, they would either end up dead like the most, or in the best case, end up a really twisted person, being unable to recognize themselves after all they did to stay alive, creating a really really physiological trauma, making them unable to know who they really are, because after all, they did things they in any other day would swear they where incapable of.

I can only imagine what a scenario like this would do to a person, the idea of the way it would change their personality permanently is just scary.

How would one ever recover from that? I Say, the moment we start doing the unthinkable, is the moment we as our selfs die.


About the image itself: There is a terrible Gamma problem with the picture. I Spent 5 days doing it, and spent more then 2 hours adjusting it for the normal screens, but with no luck.

I'm sorry if the colors are screwed up, it looks just fine on my main screen, but on my second screen is with the colors a bit way too intense, and too dark. You can see the picture correctly adjusting the Gamma on your screen, try the different modes, the one who makes the image brightest is the best one to see it correctly.

Or if you have a Samsung SyncMaster 940NW, just enjoy the picture haha!

Hope you guys like it!
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October 28, 2012
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